Laura Perron

My excitement in collaborating with The Reunion comes simply from the fact that the vision (or goal) behind this project is genuine, sincere; my trust was immediately established. The relationship I have with each member of this team is probably the most unexpected beautiful thing that could have happened and I can't wait to continue sharing more beautiful moments with them.

Solène Filion

I gladly accepted to be associated with The Reunion because this event reflects the idea and expectations I have of dance. Sharing, revolutionizing while respecting history, gathering, educating and having fun. Furthermore, the team is a perfectly balanced dream team. Each member is genuinely lovely.

William-Nicolas Tanguay

We live in an era where everything seems to go so fast, where everything seems so big. A particularly convenient era; where convenience no longer rhymes with luxury, without being totally unknown to precariousness. We live in a world where it is good to live, where every cause is addressed, heard, debated, but sometimes some remain in the shadows, evading the gaze of even the most attentive. Sometimes this world is a cruel and merciless battlefield. We lived in a land that was straightforward, yet so contradictory. Finding a meaning to life has never been so hard; for yes, if everything seems so accessible, simultaneously everything seems so elusive. The miracle recipe has never been so much in the headlines, yet few of us manage to find it. Despite all these advances, we have never felt so sad, lonely and miserable. The next generation is particularly affected; the one that is quickly being asked to know itself and to be ready to save the world. Reunion, for me, means the opportunity to act, inspire, influence and uplift. For as much as I love my community, my art, I wish them better. And this will happen, I hope, through my contribution.

Rahmane Belkebiche

I decided to join the project because the team is made up of people with good intentions who want to make a difference in the dance world. Here, I can become a ray of sunshine: I can give to my fellow man by sharing my passion, giving another meaning to my art. By using my strengths and sharing them, I can also counteract my greatest weaknesses. It's cool that we can make a difference by leading by example! At THE REUNION, who you are is worth much more than what you say: your presence makes a difference and your performance makes sense.