Benefits for dancers

Well-equipped rehearsal rooms (speakers, sufficient space);

Quiet relaxation/meditation room;

Participation in an "open championship": an opportunity to dance several times during the competition and the possibility to compete against other categories and styles of dance;

Possibility of being the headliner of a video presenting the winners;

Scholarships offered in several categories;

Recognition of your work through the recording of a video and the awarding of a scholarship to the organization or person of YOUR choice thanks to your talent

Benefits for choreographers

Increased visibility of the choreographers in the competition's publications: mention of their names in concert with their numbers in the program, for example;

Prizes awarded for the choreographers who are the competition's favorites

Benefits for studio owners and managers

One of our staff members available via text message/call in your busy moments when you need help;

Free coffee on site;

Benefits for parents, audience and spectators

Large number of judges to ensure an unbiased judging system.

An event that promotes human values to uplift the community.