The REUNION competition highlights the essence of each individual: the greatest strength of human beings, their greatest resource, is their individuality! This annual gathering defies all laws, stereotypes and prejudices regarding the difference of people and the "value of artists". It is a dance event that not only advocates for recognition, but also harnesses the unique talent of each individual to elevate our world.

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In other words, if each individual is authentic and not afraid to show their colors, then they realize that the only way to go is their own! By gaining the confidence and certainty to make the choice to "be" is a winner, that person creates a life filled with satisfaction, accomplishment and consequently lifts our world by inspiring others to do the same.

The REUNION competition rewards individuals for who they are and crowns them with a monetary award to that person or persons, as well as to a person or organization of their choice.

Together, all dancers, choreographers, school directors, parents and spectators will take part in this "reunion" to create and uplift our world.

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In a few words...

  • A competition where everyone will be treated at their fair value: impartial judging system, sufficient and adequate dressing rooms and practice areas, battle, "freestyle/session" room, conferences, workshops and complementary training, better promotion of choreographers, lighter registration system, etc;
  • Multi-style championship allowing friendly encounters and artistic exchanges between all the genres that make up the great dance community, but above all, the possibility of dancing more than once and progressing in the competition rounds;
  • REUNION doubles the amount awarded: the artist receives a bursary, half of which is donated to an organization or individual of his or her choice. Your talent makes all the difference;
  • Showcasing local artists through paid showcases.